Thursday, October 9, 2008

Betrayal of Life

Drawn to two different worlds; Stuck between two verities
In an amazing duel between my creator and keeper; All losing their sanities.

One refusing to give, the other ready to take,
There are few choices that I’ve to make.

Here I come, Death, take me along.
“No”, says he; “Not where you belong!”
Here I come, God, free me from this state.
“No, my child, suffering is your fate!”

My troubled soul raising the pain
Ripped between duty and love in vain.

When doom is near and the doors are shut out,
There appears a window to let you out.

My case is different, where I’ve access to both. Oh-
A window and a door; yet nowhere to go.

Life offered me the best in a golden tray
Little did I know that it will soon take it away!

I waited, I thought...
I knew things have to be sought.

I turned, I called...
to one part of my world, I squalled.

I swayed, I prayed,
because I was dismayed

For the truth to open
my mind oh, so frozen.

I wait I wait for what seems like eternity
Please, someone come forth to restore my sanity!
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