Saturday, August 16, 2008


Never say 'I love you'
If you dont really care
Never talk of feelings
If they arent real
Never hold my hands
If you intend to break my heart
Never say 'forever'
If you plan to part
Never look into my eyes
If what you say is a lie
Never smile at me
If you are goin to make me cry
Never say 'You are the one'
If you dream of more than me.
Never lock up my heart
If you dont have the key

You mean a lot to me

To me,

Your friendship is priceless
You’ve made me enjoy enormously
that my heart craves for none but you.

When I was staggering over my problems,
everyone mocked at me
but then you were the only one to rash.

When people stabbed at my back,
you acted as a ferry,
to take me away from that cruel world.

When others showed me my grave,
you showed me a new life….
….the one filled with your true love.

When others never bothered about me,
you were the only one to console.

When others plunged me into darkness,
only you made efforts to show brightness.

The many times I came to you for help,
you always helped me out
and never thought me as a nuisance.

When I was in panic,
you made me relax.

You are my confidante,
and I wouldn’t be living in this world,
if you weren’t there for me.

Thank you, my dear
You mean a lot to me.

That Day....

The day I met you,
I started liking you.

The day I liked you,
I wanted to meet you.

Again when I met you,
I wanted to talk to you.

The day I talked to you,
I always thought about you.

The day I thought about you,
I started loving you.

The day I loved you,
You left me alone…..

A Love....

A bond that broke,
A truth, which lied,
A song never tuned,
A plant that died,
A dream, which faded,
A cry, unheard,
A look, never seen,
A promise, so false
A story, so sad
A life, so doomed
A wound, never healed
A heart, that hurt
A love, so true
A love that failed...

Meaning of Life

True are the moments of life,
which we never live.

There's a heaven, a hell;
which we never know.
There's something so beautiful,
which we never see.

So delicious, a food;
which we never taste.
So pleasant, the air;
which we never smell.

A peaceful place,
which we never find.
A heartening party,
which we never attend.

A refreshing sound
which we never hear
The freshness in the air
which we never feel.

So much happiness;
which we never search.
The selfless love
which we never seek.

True are the meanings of life,
which we never understand.

A canary's song

Oh love; the first time I met you
was in that banquet,
where I knew none.
You came over to me saying,
"You look great in your golden dress."
That was the time I saw you.
All the other women were smouldering
Everyone was seeing you as if you were a delicatessen.
We talked for a long time with each other.
The moment I thought you would coax me with love..
Than there arose a chaos and you had to leave
It was as if a blizzard had occurred.
I beckoned to you
But you seldom said anything.

O acrobat of my mind;
can't you understand my agony?
And won’t you listen to this canary's song?
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