Sunday, August 2, 2015


You ask me to speak
But silent, I keep.
The words I may utter
better stay buried in the deep.

What if it is not real?
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What if it is too?
What is right and what is wrong
Caught between the two.

I try the pragmatic road,
yet my feelings run astray...
You always said,
where there's a will, there's a way

But when the world collapses,
where shall I run?
Tied with loyalties
That can't be undone.

I stand here wondering why
A cry for help to my God in the sky
A tainted woman, in despair
But He is too busy, with no time to spare.

Maybe I should leave,
Leave everything for good
Give you the best chance
to live life the way you should.

Lost in thoughts,
I stand here
Wondering about a world,
where I wouldn't care

A dream perhaps; 'cos that's where it may end
Is it time to say goodbye, my friend?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To my best friend

You were the one who taught me to be strong;
You were the one who righted my wrongs;
Yes, it was you all along!

The million smiles you brought to my face,
Even managed to squeeze one in my saddened gaze,
And ended my worries with a sweet embrace.

Now you’re gone to a distant land,
And to another man I love, I gave my hand,
As this is what the fate demand!

This day, I speak, would you hear?
With no guilt, worry or fear,
All I want to say, is I miss you my dear!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Betrayal of Life

Drawn to two different worlds; Stuck between two verities
In an amazing duel between my creator and keeper; All losing their sanities.

One refusing to give, the other ready to take,
There are few choices that I’ve to make.

Here I come, Death, take me along.
“No”, says he; “Not where you belong!”
Here I come, God, free me from this state.
“No, my child, suffering is your fate!”

My troubled soul raising the pain
Ripped between duty and love in vain.

When doom is near and the doors are shut out,
There appears a window to let you out.

My case is different, where I’ve access to both. Oh-
A window and a door; yet nowhere to go.

Life offered me the best in a golden tray
Little did I know that it will soon take it away!

I waited, I thought...
I knew things have to be sought.

I turned, I called...
to one part of my world, I squalled.

I swayed, I prayed,
because I was dismayed

For the truth to open
my mind oh, so frozen.

I wait I wait for what seems like eternity
Please, someone come forth to restore my sanity!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Never say 'I love you'
If you dont really care
Never talk of feelings
If they arent real
Never hold my hands
If you intend to break my heart
Never say 'forever'
If you plan to part
Never look into my eyes
If what you say is a lie
Never smile at me
If you are goin to make me cry
Never say 'You are the one'
If you dream of more than me.
Never lock up my heart
If you dont have the key

You mean a lot to me

To me,

Your friendship is priceless
You’ve made me enjoy enormously
that my heart craves for none but you.

When I was staggering over my problems,
everyone mocked at me
but then you were the only one to rash.

When people stabbed at my back,
you acted as a ferry,
to take me away from that cruel world.

When others showed me my grave,
you showed me a new life….
….the one filled with your true love.

When others never bothered about me,
you were the only one to console.

When others plunged me into darkness,
only you made efforts to show brightness.

The many times I came to you for help,
you always helped me out
and never thought me as a nuisance.

When I was in panic,
you made me relax.

You are my confidante,
and I wouldn’t be living in this world,
if you weren’t there for me.

Thank you, my dear
You mean a lot to me.

That Day....

The day I met you,
I started liking you.

The day I liked you,
I wanted to meet you.

Again when I met you,
I wanted to talk to you.

The day I talked to you,
I always thought about you.

The day I thought about you,
I started loving you.

The day I loved you,
You left me alone…..

A Love....

A bond that broke,
A truth, which lied,
A song never tuned,
A plant that died,
A dream, which faded,
A cry, unheard,
A look, never seen,
A promise, so false
A story, so sad
A life, so doomed
A wound, never healed
A heart, that hurt
A love, so true
A love that failed...
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