Saturday, August 16, 2008

A canary's song

Oh love; the first time I met you
was in that banquet,
where I knew none.
You came over to me saying,
"You look great in your golden dress."
That was the time I saw you.
All the other women were smouldering
Everyone was seeing you as if you were a delicatessen.
We talked for a long time with each other.
The moment I thought you would coax me with love..
Than there arose a chaos and you had to leave
It was as if a blizzard had occurred.
I beckoned to you
But you seldom said anything.

O acrobat of my mind;
can't you understand my agony?
And won’t you listen to this canary's song?


kArthIk said...

acrobat of my mind????

Purnima said...

aha... weird na... thats what came to my mind then... :P

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