Thursday, April 15, 2010

To my best friend

You were the one who taught me to be strong;
You were the one who righted my wrongs;
Yes, it was you all along!

The million smiles you brought to my face,
Even managed to squeeze one in my saddened gaze,
And ended my worries with a sweet embrace.

Now you’re gone to a distant land,
And to another man I love, I gave my hand,
As this is what the fate demand!

This day, I speak, would you hear?
With no guilt, worry or fear,
All I want to say, is I miss you my dear!


rama said...

Wow! you do have a poetic side to you, very nicely put.

Purnima Iyer (Poornima Seetharaman) said...

*Used to*

Long since I wrote one though :)

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